Who is a copywriter, content writer, and ghostwriter? Differences in professions

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The demand for professional content continues to grow, so the number of writing specializations is also increasing. Each profession is well suited to specific tasks, so it is worth considering carefully the choice to make a wise investment and increase the company’s profits. In this article, we will answer the question of who a copywriter, content writer and ghostwriter are and how they differ. We will check which cooperation will prove to be the best solution depending on the specific needs of the company.

Who is a copywriter, content writer, and ghostwriter?

Each of them deals with the creation of professional content that implements specific marketing assumptions. The division is not always clear, because the profession depends mainly on the competence and knowledge of the writer.

Both the copywriter, content writer and ghostwriter do not have to graduate from any school to provide the services offered. This is not a reason to worry, because the ability to quickly search for information, adapt to the needs of recipients and a light pen are features that cannot be obtained only through formal education.

The situation is also justified by the market itself, which created the demand for the above professions due to the development of content marketing. Today, every entrepreneur struggles to effectively persuade recipients to buy or increase the company’s visibility in the search engine. Professional content is an effective answer to the above business goals.

However, the different needs of different activities have resulted in the emergence of several professions specialized in specific types of text. So let’s check what we can expect from each profession.


A copywriter is a person who creates professional marketing content persuading recipients to buy a product or familiarize themselves with the offer.

The basic objects of the service are slogans, sales texts, as well as entries on social networks.

The definition of a copywriter is very general, as it is the first common profession that arose as a result of the demand for high-quality content. The history of copywriting is the longest, so the services provided precede the development of internet marketing and include press articles, radio messages, as well as content for leaflets.

Along with the commercialization of the Internet, the scope of the offer has increased. The copywriter establishes cooperation with web developers, creating, among others:

  1. website texts,
  2. blog articles,
  3. product descriptions,
  4. Facebook entries.

We can safely say that the copywriter is the father of all professions related to professional writing on the Internet. He creates texts related to marketing, so the scope of duties is very wide and heterogeneous.

It is worth establishing cooperation with a copywriter if the company cares about a variety of high-quality texts.

People working in this profession know how to hold the attention of the recipient and convince him to convert. The content is light, persuasive and reaches everyone, thus increasing the company’s profits. A copywriter knows how to use the language of benefits to present the offer in an attractive way. An inseparable element is linguistic correctness, which has a positive effect on the aesthetics and effectiveness of the text.

Content writer

A content writer deals with the creation of substantive content adapted to the client’s industry.

The content is specialized, reliable, and contains a structure for SEO, which increases the positioning and visibility of the company.

Texts written by a content writer are a response to the growing popularity of business policy, which is based on presenting valuable information to users. The content includes specialized texts, industry entries, reviews and expert articles that significantly contribute to sales by increasing organic traffic and building a reputable brand.

A content writer combines specialist knowledge with an attractive form of text.

It searches for reliable information and then converts it into understandable content in accordance with SEO guidelines. For this reason, a content writer, as the name says, is a great solution for all companies that want to conduct business activities according to the content marketing model.

This profession arose a few years ago when search engines began to segregate useful information. Excessive use of key phrases became ineffective, and substantive content that met the needs of readers gained priority.

Creating professional articles is difficult and time-consuming, and it also requires SEO principles to bring maximum benefits. Not every specialist in their industry has the latest knowledge about positioning and writing skills, so a content writer can prove to be an extremely valuable support.

The content is characterized by full linguistic correctness, structure for SEO, as well as reliability and high substantive value. A content writer efficiently searches for information, turning professional jargon into accessible content for everyone. There is no doubt that this profession is a very interesting proposition in the fight for positioning and gaining recognition among potential customers.


The ghostwriter creates content anonymously and then assigns authorship to the principal.

His scope of activities includes product descriptions, language proofreading, word of mouth, website comments and scripts.

Therefore, the ghostwriter offers a form of cooperation in which he develops content for the company without any signature. The texts are used to credit the brand or assigned author, who notes the additional benefits of authorship, such as increased reputation due to the promotion of the presented knowledge. It is a relatively new, but very interesting profession.

A ghostwriter will be great for advertising your company on various websites and internet forums. It will perform effective word-of-mouth marketing and add encouraging comments to the online store.

Thanks to this, it will contribute to increased positioning and sales, using an innovative channel to reach it and thus bypassing the competition.

Let us remember, however, that the definition of a ghostwriter defines the feature of anonymous content, so a person who creates substantive texts without a signature is both a content writer and a ghostwriter.

Copywriter, content writer, or ghostwriter – who to choose?

The right decision depends on what marketing activities the company intends to conduct. The nature of the industry, competition, and the current market situation should be taken into account.

  • It is worth choosing a copywriter if the company runs extensive advertising campaigns. Attractive and persuasive content can significantly reduce advertising costs and increase the effectiveness of advertising. A copywriter is a particularly good choice when the company uses traditional communication channels, such as leaflets or sponsored articles in the press. High-quality content catches the eye, and the language of benefits encourages you to buy or use the service.
  • On the other hand, a content writer is a great solution for more modern companies that conduct marketing activities on the Internet. Substantive and professional content is currently one of the best ways to gain visibility in the search engine and build trust among recipients. What’s more, the benefits of valuable texts are stable and long-term, and currently there are no indications that it will be different in the future.
  • Ghostwriter opens a new marketing path, thus avoiding heavily staffed auction systems on social networks or competition in SEO activities. It can provide cheap and effective advertising on various forums and websites. In addition, he serves his knowledge, which the client can use to promote his brand.

When are a copywriter, content writer, and ghostwriter not a good decision?

All professions have their advantages, but we must also mention the disadvantages that can significantly affect the profitability of the choice. All threats are based on the fact that no one provides services for free, so each cooperation with a copywriter or content writer requires a certain financial outlay that may simply not pay off.

The right decision depends on what marketing activities the company intends to conduct.

A copywriter can develop attractive leaflets, but entrepreneurs depart from traditional forms of advertising due to the lack of a specific audience and the inability to analyze many feedback data. This is by no means the fault of the copywriter, but a threat to the company resulting from the current development of digital marketing.

Copywriters noticed this trend much earlier and many of them set the direction of their activities towards blog articles and product descriptions. However, there is an increasing need for specialized information that describes narrow and precise topics. The role is taken over by content writers who fill this emerging gap.

On the other hand, some industries have become oligopolized, so taking the gauntlet in creating valuable content can turn out to be extremely expensive. In the case of micro-entrepreneurs, such actions may turn out to be ineffective due to smaller investment funds and other factors that speak in favor of larger companies.

The increasing globalization of social networking sites means that marketing on forums does not herald a favorable future for ghostwriters. While proofreading and anonymous articles are intellectual creations that will be needed for a long time to come, some segment of the services provided may become less effective over time.

When deciding whether to choose a copywriter, content writer, or maybe a ghostwriter, the individual needs of the company should be taken into account.


  • Copywriter, content writer and ghostwriter are professions that create professional content to achieve marketing goals. Each of them is distinguished by different skills, although in practice the boundaries often blur.
  • A copywriter is a profession with the widest range of services, which includes sales texts, blog articles, product descriptions, entries on social networks, as well as all content for advertising materials.
  • The content writer focuses mainly on substantive content and specialized articles for SEO.
  • The ghostwriter, in turn, does not limit his offer, but implements it anonymously. He specializes in commentaries, scripts and thematic discussions within the word-of-mouth marketing.
  • The decision with whom to cooperate depends on many factors, so it is worth prioritizing the choice with a thorough analysis of the competition and the current market situation.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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