Diversification in copywriting: how can you expand your services?

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Copywriting is an incredibly vast field that offers tremendous opportunities for development in various areas. Unfortunately, many creators fail to see additional paths they can pursue in order to expand the scope of their activities on one hand and generate even greater profits on the other. Diversification in copywriting is very much possible, so find out what else you can engage in besides writing texts for websites!

What is diversification in copywriting?

Diversification, in the simplest terms, involves diversifying services and moving away from a strategy focused solely on one field.

This concept is increasingly prevalent in the public sphere, particularly in relation to business. It allows for expanding one’s operations and meeting the needs of a larger customer base on one hand, while reducing the risk of running a business on the other. The latter is especially crucial in a rapidly changing business world, where services that are popular today may become niche and no longer yield significant benefits tomorrow.

Diversification in copywriting, therefore, means more than just broadening the range of services. As a creator, you can enrich your offerings with new types of content and, at the same time, diversify your activities by taking on tasks from other fields that are somewhat related to copywriting. What are we talking about? Below are a few examples!

Copywriting has many names – what can a copywriter do?

Contemporary copywriting, which is inseparably linked to brand promotion in the digital world, primarily focuses on website content.

Specialists who have mastered the art of written word and persuasive language use their skills to present offers, write blog articles or sponsored content, and create product or service descriptions. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and a small part of what you can offer to your clients as a copywriter.

Here are a few ideas for diversifying in copywriting, where you can expand your offerings and diversify your activities into slightly different fields.


This service involves coming up with names for companies or products. You can also expand it to include creating various slogans for brands or marketing campaigns. In naming, you will utilize your imagination and creativity, and the result of your efforts will be immense satisfaction and… an additional, substantial financial boost.


Since you have perfected your skills in written language, it is worth leveraging your abilities for more than just website texts or blogs. Many companies are looking for specialists who can create e-books, for example, to showcase their offers or expertise, or to provide support for current and potential customers. Creating e-books doesn’t have to be complicated, and the creative process, similar to naming, can be highly satisfying. Furthermore, a professional e-book will be an excellent addition to your portfolio and open many doors for you.

Social media campaigns

If you want to take a break from longer forms of writing and showcase your creativity, you can shift your focus to social media posts. They serve as a driving force for many companies, so finding well-paying and satisfying assignments should not be a problem. It’s worth learning not only how to write for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn but also how to distribute content. This way, you’ll gain the opportunity to reap much greater profits.


This is a suggestion for copywriters who have a strong command of a foreign language. There is no shortage of clients online who need small translations, such as from English or German to Polish (and vice versa). By offering translation services, you can reach new clients and overcome the barrier that separates you from international brands in the digital world. This presents a tremendous opportunity for growth and significantly higher earnings.

Proofreading and editing

Many copywriters have a strong command of the rules of the Polish language and can excel in proofreading and editing publications as well. Every day, there are content pieces online that require such revisions. These skills complement copywriting perfectly and can be a valuable addition to your repertoire.

Not only the written word, but where else can a copywriter make profits?

Diversification in copywriting goes beyond expanding services within content creation alone. If you have been in this industry for a while, you probably know the importance of SEO and various types of graphics in producing high-quality content.

You can expand your services by offering keyword analysis and selection, utilizing tools such as free options like Keyword Planner or paid ones like Ahrefs. If you work as an SEO copywriter and terms like “meta tags” or “XML sitemap” are familiar to you, you can also offer basic website optimization for better search engine rankings.

When it comes to graphics, you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to provide high-quality services to clients. There are many user-friendly tools available online, such as Canva, that allow you to quickly create attractive infographics to complement your texts. This not only enhances the quality of your services but also provides an additional source of income.

Lastly, for experienced copywriters who have gained extensive knowledge, you can consider sharing that knowledge with others. You can organize training sessions and webinars for beginners or create your own YouTube channel where you can share various tips and advice.

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities for diversification in copywriting. We encourage you to explore new paths that will lead you to the success you desire!

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  • Diversification in copywriting involves expanding the range of services and branching out into other fields.
  • In order to reach new customer groups, you can offer services such as naming, e-book creation, or social media campaign management.
  • For those who have mastered a foreign language, adding translation services to your offering can be a great way to broaden your scope.
  • SEO copywriters can leverage their knowledge of optimization and expand their activities to include keyword analysis and website optimization.
  • Additional income streams can come from creating simple graphics or organizing training sessions for aspiring copywriters.

Owen Mantz

Owen Mantz is a freelance copywriter and the COO of Content Writer USA. He has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, helping them increase leads, sales, and customer retention rates.

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