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Building the world’s largest writing community is one of the main goals of the Content Writer organization, which has entered the realm of implementation. Over 1,000 users registered on the platform within the first three days.

We gather writers from all over the world

From now on, every writer can present their competences, experience and services offered. All you need to do is set up a free account and fill in your details to generate a modern, minimalist profile.

Account view on platform – account view (screen).

Thanks to this, a writer doesn’t need to set up their own website, thus avoiding the costs of a server or domain. The platform is a solution that allows anyone to present themselves. But it doesn’t stop there – Content Writer already announces the implementation of additional features.

Monika Kowalik
Monika Kowalik Project Manager

Ultimately, writers from around the globe will receive our technological and organizational resources that will streamline the entire content creation process. As a leading content marketing agency, we have created, among other things, a special project management system that facilitates communication with clients and improves the quality of texts. Soon, every writer will have such a solution in front of him.

However, as Bartosz Ciesielski points out, the platform is primarily used to build a community and will not interfere with the functioning of the Content Writer agency.

Bartosz Ciesielski CEO

From our point of view, the platform is an interesting place to attract new talents, but it cannot replace the joint work of copywriters, proofreaders and project managers. The agency is a more complex entity that unites specialists to achieve a difficult goal. Freelancing remains the choice for individual clients who want a smaller scale and more affordable solution. These are two poles that cannot be combined.

The goal of the platform is to unleash the creative potential of writers who will use ready-made digital infrastructure. They will be able to create creative, valuable content regardless of where they live and without financial obstacles. All to make the Internet a better place.

Julia Markiewicz

Julia is responsible for the company's blog - she plans topics, edits articles and publishes them on the site. She takes care of the high quality and attractiveness of the content. She values order and good organization of time in both her professional and private life.

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